Dress Code Policy

Outdoor Practice Area and Course Dress Code:

Appropriate golf course attire for women include: t-shirt or sleeveless golf shirts with collar. collarless tops designed and tailored for golf wear or mockneck and other similar tops are acceptable (no thin strap tank tops); bottoms designed and tailored for golf (leggings are acceptable, denim is not); clothing must be in good repair without any rips, tears or holes, golf shoes/running shoes are acceptable (no heels, crocs, flip flops), hats are to be worn with the peak forward at all times. Dresses/skirts tailored for golf and appropriate length are acceptable.

Indoor Golf Dress Code:

You can wear anything that you feel comfortable enough for you to swing in.
Yes, leggings, joggers, tee-shirts, sweatshirts etc are acceptable! *Note this is for indoors only*